2015-16 Jewellery Project

Grade 3 Jewellery Project Fundraiser for United Way

While making jewellery to sell for the United way we have touched on several areas of the curriculum and a lot of very practical learning has taken place! Here is a glimpse of some of the highlights from the past two weeks. 

Language Arts – The students wrote over 35 thank you notes to various people who supported our project and helped make it a success. We worked on our paragraph writing and editing skills.  
Students generated questions that came up from our initial discussions and investigated jewellery topics that interested them. Several girls have spent a lot of time reading about different types of jewellery and how to make it. Some have written information charts on how to make a necklace. Our class is also working on a book to give Mr. MacKenzie to let him know what this project has meant to them.

Social Studies – We have continued talking about how you can make a difference in your own community. The students have come up with a large list of ideas. These students are a true example of Margaret Mead's quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” 

Health - We have been learning about the difference between needs and wants and have discussed what privilege and underprivileged mean. We have discussed the purpose of the United Way and how this organization helps many citizens’ live healthier lives. We have also learned about what gratitude means and how we can express being thankful. 

Math – Students got ready to work the cash register for our jewellery sale at Open House and during the morning recesses. Our class practiced counting with play money by 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s. We have done a lot of jewellery related math problems and skip counting practice to get ready for the sale. The students have been working on addition, subtraction and multiplication in a very practical way. Ex.) If someone purchases 3 necklaces how much would this cost? If someone buys 1 necklace and pays with a $50 bill how much change would you give them? We have used multiplication to see how much money the project has made. We have done many tallies and I have introduced division and shown students how they can figure out how many necklaces we have made in total. It is amazing to see how quickly students can grasp some of these concepts when they are using play money with practical applications! We have also looked at how different geometric shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles etc. can change the look of the piece. We have identified informal and formal patterns and looked at the benefits of symmetry.

Arts Education – Some of the student’s role played the part of a customer and store clerk. They played out what it would be like to have a customer, and how to respond and address them appropriately. Many girls created visual art works through drawing that expressed their ideas about what types of necklaces they wanted to design. We have investigated the relationships of colours and looked at how adding white, silver, gold or black can enhance their piece. All of the students used a variety beads to create their own necklace pendants. The students have created pieces in response to jewellery they like and have made their own connections to jewellery they have seen that is popular in our community.



It was a short week but it sure ended on a high note with two exciting things capping off our time together.
1) The total amount raised for the United Way from our jewellery sale was $3205.00! Thank you to everyone who supported this. Way to go Grade 3!

2) On Friday afternoon we were joined by Jessica Burnett, who is a jewellery designer for Hillberg & Berk. She brought in examples of the jewellery she designs for students to see and spoke to our class about her job. Many of the students prepared questions ahead of time, because they were excited to meet her and so that they could learn as much as possible. We were very fortunate to be able to hear first hand what it is like to be a jewellery designer! This was definitely the highlight of our week!

There were some REALLY big smiles in our room today!  
These girls stayed in at recess to have their photo taken with Jessica! 

This past Wednesday we had two special visitors stop by our classroom.  Mrs. Lanoway, a United Way Representative and Ms. Reed, a Superintendent from Regina Public Schools. They both came to thank our class for the effort they put into making necklaces and raising money for the United Way.  


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