Student Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,

I am looking forward to building a strong partnership with you. We are going to have a fantastic year!  This note highlights some important aspects of our classroom and will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have.
Agendas –  Each morning your child will write in their agenda to communicate an important note, event, or homework assignment etc. Please encourage your child to show you their agenda daily.  After you have read it, please initial it in the signature spot provided so that I know you have read our daily note or reminder.  The fee for this agenda is $4.50.  This can be paid using the online cash system on the Jack Mac home page.   ( )  You can find it on the left hand side under online payments.
Attendance and Illness
Our school day begins at 8:52 and ends at 3:37.   Please try to have your child at school by 8:45 each day.  Regular school attendance is critical to school success.  When your child is absent, he or she will miss valuable instruction.  If your child is ill or going to be away please let the school know prior to the start of the day.  The office phone number is 306-791-8585.  Students will be given a folder of any missed work when they return however they will need to spend time at home to complete it.
Class Website: Our Grade 2 class website address is:   I will send home a paper copy of monthly newsletters, and post these to our class blog.  This year I will also post pictures of special events, spelling words, field trip information and computer websites that students may like.  PLEASE bookmark this page for future reference.  In order to post student work, photos, etc., I will need your permission. I will send home a media release letter giving more details and asking for your permission soon.
Classroom Work
Your child will have several assignments during the school day which he or she is responsible for.  If they are unable to complete an assignment during school hours, this will become homework to be completed at home and returned to school the following day.  It is their responsibility to hand in this work.   

Language Arts
We will be using The Daily Five literacy structure in our classroom.  It  is designed to develop skills and a lifelong passion for reading and writing and teaches students independence.  The Daily Five framework consists of five tasks that are introduced individually. Anchor charts are made for each task so students know exactly what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to be engage in the task independently. Then, the children work on building their stamina until they are successful at being independent while doing that task.  
The five tasks include:
1. Read to self
2. Read to someone
3. Listen to reading
4. Work on writing
5. Word work
While children are fully engaged in reading and writing activities, I am able to work with small groups of children one on one. Students really look forward to Daily Five time and it is my hope that they all develop a love for reading and writing.

Reading Homework:
Reading is the cornerstone to success in school.  Establishing a routine in your home that encourages your child to read every night for 20 minutes is a great place to start.  The more opportunities your child has to experience text, the stronger reader they will become.  I will be sending home a reading log for your child to keep track of their reading.  There is a spot for your child to write a short summary about one book they read during that week. Please have them complete this reading log and return it to school on Friday.  Please note that reading for 20 minutes a day is a homework expectation for Grade 2.

We will be using the Math Makes Sense Gr. 2 notebook this year for math.  I will also supplement this resource with other material to give students additional basic fact practice.  Over the years I have noticed that one of the greatest factors for students having difficulty with some of the math concepts is not knowing their basic facts (+, -, x, ÷). We will work on these at school, but if your child needs help, you can also help by studying with flashcards, playing some card games or dice games, doing worksheets or practicing facts while driving to evening activities or appointments.

Spelling Words
 Every Monday your child will come home with 10 new spelling words.  This list of spelling words will be in their agenda under “Weekly List.”  Please practice these words with them so that they will be ready for our weekly spelling test which takes place every Friday. I try to check all of the agendas before they go home but on occasion I miss someone.  If there is a word that looks incorrect or you are unsure of, I have put the weekly words up on our home page under the spelling tab.

This year we will incorporate technology into as many subjects as possible. Technology helps create an excitement and enthusiasm towards learning.  

We will have a daily snack time each day after morning recess.  Please send a small nutrition snack for your child to eat during this time.  We have students in our school who have severe nut allergies so please do not send any snacks or lunch items that contain nuts.  Students are welcome to have water bottles on their desks provided it has a secure lid.   

Fees/Money  Regina Public School now offers School Cash Online.
I will do my best to keep the amount of money asked for to a minimum this year. Please make every effort to pay online, as it makes both the office and my own job so much easier.  If you haven’t done so already please register for an online payment account and use this to pay for your child’s field trips, agenda money, etc. You can find this on our Jack Mackenzie webpage on the left hand side.

Please note: We don’t use this online payment system for Scholastic Book Orders and Spirit Day organized by our SLC such as Menchies orders, bake sales, pictures with Santa, etc.

Welcome Back BBQ and Open House
Our school will be having and Open House in early September.  More information will be sent home soon about this.

I will strive to create a safe, nurturing, inclusive, learning environment where all kids can succeed.  If you have any concerns or at any time need to discuss your child with me, please do not hesitate to write a note in your child’s agenda, call me at 306-791-8585 or email me at I will try my best to respond promptly and answer any questions you may have. 

In addition to having myself as your child's teacher this year, we will be welcoming a student teacher from the University of Regina.  Her name is Willow Iorga.  She is in her forth year of study and will be with us for the first four months of school. A letter explaining more about Miss Iorga will be coming home the first day.

Thank you in advance for your support.  We are looking forward to an exciting year!  
Jorie Gilroy-Beck & Willow Iorga


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