Save On Foods Commercial

It was another exciting week in our classroom!!  This week we had the unique opportunity to meet the president of Save-On-Foods, Darrel Jones, as our class was selected to be part of the store's latest commercial.

Save-On-Foods is Western Canada's largest grocery retailer and their first Saskatchewan store will be opening this spring in Regina.  This was a unique opportunity, because Save-On-Food's management team is interested in building relationships with the community and wanted to meet some of their new neighbours!  The president, Darrel Jones and staff from Vancouver spent part of Thursday afternoon in our classroom with Mr. Jack MacKenzie and some of the students to learn about the Random Acts of Kindness Fund and projects we have been working on.  They asked about the United Way Jewellery Project, The La Loche Project and the Santa Maria - Caring for Seniors Project.  Save-On-Foods admired this commitment to the community and made a donation to Jack MacKenzie's Random Acts Of Kindness Fund.

They also designed their store's commercial around this, which will air on March 21, 2016.  It will feature Mr. MacKenzie and eight students from our classroom working on the United Way Jewellery Project. To be fair to everyone, we held a draw on Tuesday and drew popsicle sticks to see who would be selected for the commercial. Unfortunately we couldn't choose everyone, but we will be making a poster with a picture of the class on it to thank Save-On-Foods that will include everyone. This will be hung up in the new store!

The students involved in this were thankful for the opportunity.

Our meeting with Save-On-Foods couldn't be more timely!!  In health we are learning about Canada's Food Guide and healthy eating.  Students in our room have been divided into groups and are in the process of designing menus, and applying their knowledge of the four food groups to create healthy restaurants that will soon be opening in our classroom!  To deepen their understanding and make this learning experience more exciting, they will be serving real food that they have included on their menus when each restaurant opens! Our recent experience with Save-On-Foods has inspired some students to want to make their own commercials to promote their restaurant. I am excited to see where this will go and what other learning it will inspire!!

Researching and getting signage ready for the "Dairy Berry Cafe!"

Working on a menu and signs for 
"Protein Power Bistro"

Group Members from Fruitti Tutti Fruit and Veggie Bar!

Setting prices and working on a healthy menu choices for 
"Grain Mania".

The owners of the grain groups restaurant, "Grain Mania" wanted to make a commercial.  Seen above are the producers and camera crew! Garret is using technology on his watch to record it. 

The director hard at work, with cue cards for the actors!!

The actors in the Grain Mania commercial. 

The final product! 
These boys took the initiative to create this commercial on their own. I watched them share their collective knowledge and ideas with one another throughout this process. It began with a boy sharing the experience and knowledge he had gained earlier this week while taking part in the filming the Save-On-Foods commercial. This formed the basis for shared assumptions about this topic. 
They collaborated with one another, wrote the words, cue card and scripted how they were going to sound and speak completely on their own. They even found a way to video tape it!  It was really quite amazing. After they finished, I put the video into imovie, added the music and three slides. This may be something they want to learn how to do in the future. 

In our class the students are not passive receptors of teacher-generated knowledge. They spent the whole period seeking to find answers in books, ipads, handouts, and materials that I put around them. They also share knowledge with one another. While this is happening, I work along side them to encourage them and help them find answers to their questions. 

What was the result of this type of learning??????

... Each group of students was responsible for becoming an expert on a food group.  They were challenged to create a restaurant that taught others about this food group. 

The results were remarkable!  
The students motivated each other to learn with the same kind of passion that they put into creating their restaurant!

Dairy Berry Cafe opened today! It was easy to see that this disco themed restaurant was a huge hit.... The “wow" factor was just as amazing as the chow factor!

Excited to greet their customers!
The Menu

Daily Specials 
Terrific job on the sign girls!

           These patient customers aren't excited at all!!
Milkshakes, yogurt with strawberries, bananas and granola, apples with cream cheese and score bar, cheese kabobs, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese with mixed berries and cinnamon, 
and frozen yogurt!

Taking orders!

 Serving customers.

Another fantastic presentation! The girls taught everyone several excellent facts about the dairy group! They completely memorized their speeches and set a fantastic example.

  Dairy Berry Cafe performed a great dance for their customers!

Then they invited the class join in!

Great job girls! You put a lot of effort into your cafe and worked so well as a group. The atmosphere was really enjoyable and we would all like to come back again!  
What a day!!


Day 2 of our food group restaurants went very well.  
Protein Power Bistro set the bar high!
They had a wonderful hostess waiting to 
greet customers and take them to a table. 
This group's vision of a fine dining experience paid off!   Students couldn't wait to reserve a table at Protein Power Bistro. 

Five star entertainment was
provided by a very talented cellist! 

               Protein Power owners and management team! 

This group went above and beyond to teach the class about the benefits of protein!  Great research and presentation boys!  

Excellent job Team Protein!  Your enthusiasm was contagious.  Way to make us think about why including protein in our diets is so important!  I am really proud of you!!


Celebrating the Grand Opening of "Grain Mania" today!!

 Grain Mania owners and management team! 
What a treat! Fruit and Grain Smoothies!

Waiting for customers to arrive and be seated!

The menus are ready to go!

Excited customers!

One more final check to make sure everything is perfect! 
I think we are in for a delicious healthy snack today!

Making sure the cash station is ready to go!
The tables look great boys!

It wouldn't be a true Grand Opening without speeches from the owners.  They helped the customers understand why the grain group is important. 

Bagels and or sourdough bread with your choice 
of butter, cream cheese or jam.

The Fruit and Grain Smoothies were a huge hit!!

One happy customer!

Pasta Salad, Crackers, and Pitas!

Fantastic job team "Grain Mania!"
I greatly appreciate your hard work and all of the 
effort you put into introducing us to the grain group!
This was an awesome learning experience for all of us!

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