Genius Hour

Genius Hour!!!

                Encouraging Passion, Wonder, and Inquiry in the Classroom

            We have started working on Genius Hour projects in Grade 2! 
We began Genius Hour by watching two introductory videos.  
These videos gave students an overview of how Genius Hour works.

Students were asked the question....  
If you could learn about anything you wanted, 
what would you like to learn about? 


This is a great book that introduces students to the idea of asking questions and writing about things they would like to learn about.  It encourages students to investigate their interests. 

We talked about different ways that you can find answers to your questions. 

During our first lesson students were encouraged to think about topics that interest them. They did this by making a list of things that they would like to know more about. Following this, students discussed their topic ideas a partner. 

They were told that all topics need to be in the form of a question and it should not be too broad or too easy.  

Here are some of the questions that came about during these discussions:

Today we are learning about Internet Safety.  

We began this lesson by watching a few videos. 

Students enjoyed this song about internet safety with tips for staying safe..

We have decided to create our own video 
that will include the information we have learned today.

This poem by Melina Louise regarding Genius Hour really resonates with me about how powerful this type of learning can be.

We are  learning how to write in our own words.  

This is a video that I created about how I assess Genius Hour. More information about assessment will follow. 

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