Baseball Project

A Love for Baseball 

We have several students in our room who have a keen interest in baseball. To further their understanding of the game, and to give them an opportunity to learn from experts in this field, we connected with Martin Academy High School and went on a field trip to see their baseball program.

When we arrived at Optimist Park and were greeted by 
Mr. Cherepuschak, Academy Coordinator and Baseball Instructor.  

Rob Cherepuschak's leadership and commitment to developing athletics and education in our province has been recognized at both the provincial and national level. After watching him work with the students it was easy to see why. 

When we arrived he paired each boy in Gr. 3 up with a baseball student from Martin. 

The Grade 3 students learned that the students in the sports academy take regular classes in the morning and train for their sports in the afternoon periods. They worked with this student on various baseball skills and followed them through a typical practice. I am excited to see what the Gr.3 boys write about this experience!

This is a specialized program of athletics that has made Martin Collegiate High School in Regina a magnet for students interested in this sport. 

The Grade 3 students had an opportunity to experience batting in a batting cage.

I loved seeing these big smiles!  
These boys were inspired. 

I think I can speak for all of the students who went on this trip when I say that we had an incredible afternoon and learned a great deal. Special thanks to Rob Cherepuschak, an outstanding educator who helped hit this Gr. 3 Genius Hour project out of the park!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Baseball Inspires Writing Today in RM 210

This past weekend we had an opportunity to attend the Regina Red Sox VS Weyburn Beavers baseball game. The director of the Red Sox gave students in our room complimentary tickets. What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

This game got everyone very excited about playing.  With the beautiful weather out today... we couldn't resist!!

Riley wrote a thank you note today to Nolan Bracken, our baseball guest from Sask Baseball.  


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