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My name is Jorie Gilroy. I absolutely love teaching and feel very grateful to have chosen this profession.  My passion is early literacy and developing a love for reading in all of my students. Another major interest of mine is the Reggio Emilia Approach. The majority of my career has been spent teaching in the early years for the Regina Public School Board.  I have also taught third year education classes in the evenings at the University of Regina.  My family has a long history in education.  My Grandpa, J.A. Burnett was a former Director of Education for Regina Public Schools. When he retired the School Board named Central Office after him. My parents were also both educators for Regina Public Schools. Although they had different approaches to teaching their commitment and work ethic was very similar. Growing up, I watched all three of these people devote their lives to teaching and making a difference.  It is my intention to have a positive impact and make a difference in my student's lives as well. 

My Teaching Philosophy

Fostering a love of learning through questioning, reflecting and inquiring is at the heart of my teaching practice.  It is important to me that students are given opportunities to wonder, discover, explore and create in a favorable environment that is nurturing and supportive.  I believe that when you establish high expectations for all students you can significantly impact student motivation, engagement and achievement. By listening to what is important to my students and seeing them as intelligent, capable, strong, appreciated, resilient, and full of potential I hope to inspire and encourage them to give their best effort in school and in life.  I believe that parents are vital partners, collaborators and advocates for their children.  I consider them to be their child's first and most important teacher and inform and involve them in our curriculum. Through cooperation, collaboration, and valuing diverse perspectives we create the opportunity for an incredible journey and truly become a collective group of learners. 

Teaching and learning in my classroom often evolves from different forms of projects, where students have opportunities to hypothesize, question, explore, observe, and discuss things they are interested in.  Through this process they are able to clarify and deepen their understanding. Much of what occurs in our room reflects a constructivist approach. Learners are actively involved and learn by doing, as opposed to passively receiving information.  They construct knowledge out of their experiences.

Building a strong relationship with each child is vital in my mind to supporting their growth and development.  In order to truly build a great relationship, it is my belief that children should always be treated with respect and dignity. I use positive guidance to encourage desirable behaviour in my classroom. This means supporting children so they do the right thing and responding helpfully when they do not. The goal of positive guidance is to help students gain the following skills:
1) Self -direction:  The ability to take charge of their own behavior and to do the right thing when no one is looking. 
2) Relationships: To care about others and to be able to get along with others.
3) Self-actualization: To be able to achieve satisfaction through their effort and to make positive and productive contributions to society.

My teaching practice has been largely influenced by the education I received in the Master’s Program at the University of Regina. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about the Reggio Emilia Approach from Dr. Caroline Krentz and Dr. Patrick Lewis.  Their instruction has had a significant impact on my pedagogy. 

Currently I am working on a Ph. D. at the University of Regina with a focus on student engagement and best practices in Early Childhood Education.

Contact Information

Jorie Gilroy-Beck, M.Ed.
Vice-Principal & Literacy Specialist
Albert Community School
Regina Public School Board
Regina, SK, Canada
Classroom Blog Page: http://gilroy-beck.blogspot.com/
M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Regina (2006)
B.Ed. Elementary Education, Brandon University  (1997)
Teaching Areas of Interest:
Early Literacy Development 
Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
The Reggio Emilia Approach 

Volunteer Service:
Former Executive Board Member, Saskatchewan Literacy Network 

The Saskatchewan Literacy Network is Saskatchewan's leader in literacy and essential skills. Providing a forward vision that recognizes and responds to the needs of the community, the Board of Directors provides leadership, encourages diversity of viewpoints, and works with Saskatchewan Literacy Network staff to ensure the development and implementation of the SLN strategic plan. This organization engages with government departments, academic institutions, literacy organizations, private companies, literacy practitioners, communities, and learners throughout the province.

Former Provincial Director, Canadian Association for Young Children

The CAYC exists to provide a voice on critical issues related to the quality of life of all young children and families. The Canadian Association for Young Children (CAYC) is concerned with the well being of children, birth through age nine – at home, in preschool settings and at school. Members of this multi-disciplinary association include parents, teachers, caregivers, administrators, students and those wishing to share ideas and participate in activities related to the education and welfare of young children.

2016-2017 School Year Involvement 

Cross Country Running Coach
United Way Staff Representative 
United Way Cabinet Committee Member
Chair of 2016 Comedy Night Fundraiser for United Way
Art Show Staff Representative 
Professional Development Staff Representative 
Child Protection Staff Representative 
Occupational Health and Safety Staff Representative  
Creating Rocket Science Club - Teacher Supervisor

School Year Initiatives Sept.2016 – March. 2017
United Way Opening Package for Principal
Assisted organizing United Way Breakfast for United Way Reps
Hosted a Site Visit and workshop on Project Based Learning for CAYC Members.
Responsible for organizing and leading United Way Comedy Night which raised over $25,000 for Summer Success Literacy Program.
Marketed this event with the help of UW Cabinet Committee and local radio stations to sell 600 tickets.
Collaborated with communications staff to design tickets, posters and various social media marketing.
Worked with over 30 staff members and parent volunteers to coordinate a silent auction, jewellery room, dessert bar, 50/50 raffle, and space to host the event.
Coordinated over 60 volunteers on the night of the event to ensure that all aspects of it ran smoothly.
Worked with M. Aiginitis and over 70 businesses in our community to coordinate the silent auction.
Wrote proposals to sponsors, Comedy Night Program and Master of Ceremony’s speaking notes.
Designed budgets, timelines, meeting agendas/notes and instruction emails to volunteers.  
Organized Books Before Bedtime event for K-4 students and families with guest author and guest reader.
Organized Literacy Games Night
Genius Hour Workshop  
Facilitated Guided Reading Groups with B. McMurtry for all students in Grades 1- 3.
Developed and presented a workshop for parents on Guided Reading Groups.
Organized and ran an assembly for K. to Gr. 5 students to learn about Chinese culture. 
Staff recognition  - "You Matter" project aimed at recognizing teachers and staff at Jack Mac. for their effort. 
Held a Lunch & Learn for teachers to exchange resources and answer questions about Celebration of Learning. 

Grants Received for Family Literacy Projects $64,900.00

Gilroy, M. (2015) Raise a Reader $500.00 Jack MacKenzie READS Program.
Gilroy, M. (2012) Postmedia Raise-a-Reader $1,200.00 Jack Mac.,  Reading for a Better World. 
Gilroy M. (2008) Canwest Raise-A-Reader $1000.00 Jack MacKenzie, Literacy Circle Program.
Gilroy, M. (2007) Canwest Raise-A-Reader $1000.000 Judge Bryant, Come Read With Me. 
Gilroy, M. (2008) Ted Kate $1000.00, Judge Bryant Family Literacy Project. 
Gilroy, M. (2003) Raise a Reader  $1000.00 Herchmer Community School Engaging Families in Literacy
Gilroy, M.  & Sanchuk, S. (2002-2003) Innovative Projects Committee RPS, $3000.00 Herchmer Early Childhood and Family Enrichment Project.
Gilroy, M. (2002) Regina Exhibition Park Assoc., $200.00, Pre-Kindergarten Video Newsletter Prgm.
Gilroy, M.Pelltier, R., & Sanchuck, S. (2002) Human Resource Development Canada, $56,000.00, Herchmer Community School Family Literacy Project.

Conferences / Presentations

Gilroy, M. (2017, March.) Celebration of Learning. Facilitated a Lunch and Learn Resource Exchange for staff at Jack MacKenzie School. Jack MacKenzie School, Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Gilroy, M. (2016, Oct.) Engaging Students in a Project Based Approach. Presentation at Jack MacKenzie School.  Canadian Association for Young Children Site Visit. Jack MacKenzie School, Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Gilroy, M. & Kopek, S.  (2016, March) How Parents Can Support Their Young Reader. Presented at Jack MacKenzie School Day of Pink Parent Seminar. Jack MacKenzie School, Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Gilroy, M. (2006, October). The impact of Reggio Principals applied in an early years classroom. Presented at the Canadian Association For Young Children Fall Seminar Conference, St. Johns, Newfoundland. 

Gilroy, M. (2005, March) Early Literacy Programming and Funding. Presented at the Montessori School of Regina Teacher's Professional Development Institute. Wilfred Hunt School, Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Gilroy, M. (2005, November). Using Regina Public's Pre-Kindergarten Rubrics. Presented at the Sask Learning Pre-Kindergarten Assessment and Evaluation Workshop, Saskatoon Inn, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Gilroy, M., Krentz, C., & Warkentin, B. (2004, November). High Quality Pre-School Effects.  Summary and Recommendations of the Third Year of a 6-Year Longitudinal Study Examining the Effectiveness of the Pre-Kindergarten Program in the Regina Public School Division No. 4 Regina.  Presented at the School Plus Congress, Regina Inn, Regina Saskatachewan. 

Gilroy, M. (2004, January). Professional Exchange.  Presented at the RPS Elementary School System Institute Program. Herchmer School, Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Gilroy, M. & Streelasky, J. (2004, May). Living and Learning with Reggio Principals. Presented at the University of Regina Spring Seminar Conference, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Conference Planning Committee Member 

Wondrous Places to Learn and Grow (2007, May). Canadian Association For Young Children. University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

Living and Learning with Reggio Principals. (2004, May) Canadian Association For Young Children, Spring Seminar Conference, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Current Memberships 
Saskatchewan Literacy Network 
Saskatchewan Reading Council
CAYC, Canadian Association For Young Children, Saskatchewan Chapter
Saskatchewan Early Childhood Education Council 

Professional Development
Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Training
Level 1 VTRA - Theory and Practice (Sept. 2017)
Level 2 VTRA - Data Analysis and Strategic Interviewing (March,2018)
Mandt Training (Oct.2017, Feb. 2018)

2016 Shared Values Award - Regina Public Schools 
2017 Nominated for YWCA Women of Distinction Award
2017 United Way Game Changer Award, Regina Public Schools,  U. W. Cabinet Committee
2017 Inclusive Education Award - Presented to Jack Mac. Staff on behalf of Saskatchewan 
         Association of Community Living. 

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