Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Engagement at Albert Community School

I came to Albert Community School in North Central Regina three months ago with a heart that was extremely grateful and a desire to make a difference. I am a brand new Vice Principal so I found the first three months to be a pretty steep learning curve.  However, with each day that passes,  I am feeling more comfortable and am very happy here.

Empowering children to live with perseverance and to see what is possible is what I aspire to do as an educator and an administrator.

I am happiest when I am working on something that I feel will have a valuable impact. Currently I have begun working on two projects at Albert.  The first is to engage students in reading and writing - and by this I mean deeply engage them.  This project is called "Albert Authors" and has just started to take off.  I am encouraged by the excitement and momentum that is evolving around literacy in our building.  I hope to document this on my blog. 

The second project involves increasing attendance and raising awareness about the importance of attendance.  In January, I will be working on a video with students who are reluctant attenders. The hope here is to engage students who are not engaging.  I'm excited to see where this goes!

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