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You Matter - Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week

You Matter - Staff Appreciation Week

This past week the students in my classroom have been working on a special project to acknowledge the AMAZING staff members at Jack MacKenzie who work so hard, day in and day out to make our school a great place to be. 

Winston Churchill once said "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  The staff at our school give SO much of themselves, all of the time.  It doesn't matter where you look, there is always someone putting in time and effort to make a difference for students. I have often wondered how I got so incredibly lucky to have the good fortune of being able to work with so many people who care so much.  

We started a new project in my room called "You Matter."  
We are working on Gr. 2 Health Outcome: USC2.1  - Demonstrate a basic understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and actions influence health and well-being. 
This project was inspired by Angela Maiers, who is an education and technology specialist, who shares how these two words can change a life.  She talks about why, no matter how busy our lives are we need to make sure that the people know that they matter. Here is her video in case you would like to hear more. 
Ted Talk -You Matter - Video                                                                                       
                                                                                                              - Angela Maiers

Each student in our room wrote a "You Matter" letter to one staff member who has made a positive difference in their life.  

We put up a bulletin board with a "You Matter" letter to everyone who works at our school.

As a class we talked about how we can let people know they are appreciated and valued.

We discussed what this might look like, and how we could let people know that they matter. We looked at Angela Maier's "Treat Cart" idea and decided to make our own cart for the staff.  Here is a list of ideas that students came up with. 

Then we began to work on the things that we wanted to add to the cart.  On Monday students made carrot cupcakes with a parent volunteer. 

 On Tuesday we made puff wheat cake. 

    Mr. Clarke is an excellent cook, so we asked him if he could      help. He was awesome with this group of students and turned the   whole thing into a math lesson!  It was fantastic to watch!

After the puff wheat was cut, students added some ribbon that says "Thank You."

There was a buzz in our room and it was easy to see that students were engaged and excited.  They began making signs with nice messages on them for the staff and started decorating the "You Matter" cart! 


One student suggested that we give out a bookmark that we gave out at our "Books Before Bedtime" night. 

The kids added ribbon and practiced reading them, so that they could share the message on it.  

This is what the cart looked like when we were finished. 

    Mrs. Reoch stopped by to say hello, so she was our first recipient. Her smile was inspiring and it was exciting to watch the kids reaction to their efforts. 

This was a fun project!  Many of the students asked it we could keep doing it.  I'm not sure where things will go from here, but I hope they have learned that they have influence, and their actions can make a positive difference.  

Last week we also recorded a video message for each staff member. We are in the process of finishing up this iMovie. We will post it when it is done.   

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