Monday, 12 September 2016

Change Starts Here

Dear Parents,

As part of the grade two curriculum we are learning about needs, wants and the importance of helping others and making a difference.

What better way to do this than to be part of a real life project that affects change in our own community.

Our class has started making jewellery to sell to raise money for the United Way. We have been putting together sparkle ball earrings and necklaces during class that we will be selling for $25.00. We will be setting up a jewellery table at the Back to School BBQ and Open House this coming Wednesday, September 14th.

The proceeds from this project will go towards supporting Summer Success Literacy Camps which are funded by the United Way and are held during the summer months for inner city Regina students who are at least one to two years behind grade level in their literacy development.  The camps provide an opportunity for these students that they may not otherwise have. Our fundraising goal as a school is $10,000.00 which is the cost of opening one of these camps in the summer. 

We likely won't reach that goal with jewellery sales alone so we have also planned an Adult Night Out - Comedy Night featuring Comedian Kelly Taylor.  Although the grade twos can not attend this event, the students in our class will have many important roles that will help make it a success and have learned that by selling tickets to it, they will be able to make a huge difference in the life of a child in Regina that is the same age as them.
If you or your child are able to volunteer to work at the Back To School BBQ selling jewellery or tickets to the comedy night, please complete and return the form that was sent home on Friday.

Thank you.

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