Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May Classroom Update

Exciting times in room 210!

Dear Parents,

This past week we brought back Genius Hour in our classroom!!!!
There is a positive climate of learning going on and you can hear and feel the buzz.  Everyone is engaged! It is truly awesome to see. Students love this type of learning because it gives them an opportunity to explore something that interests them. They are motivated in a completely different way!  I am no longer the dispenser of knowledge during this time, as students are encouraged to do the critical thinking, creating, and contributing. I work along side them to help give them resources and ideas. They have to apply their research skills and are entrusted to make learning their own.  You can support them at home by helping them print off pictures for their project if you are able to.  If you are able to help your child take books out of the library or print off information from the internet, this also speeds the learning process up.  This is not mandatory though, as I am encouraging them to do most of the work at school. I will do my best to try and capture the learning that is taking place by posting pictures and documentation.

Our baseball project has really taken off and has turned into a classroom project.  We have been learning a lot about the rules of the game and it has inspired many Genius Hour Projects, paragraph writing as well as numerous math questions.   

I have reached out to a few organizations to see what other things we could do to further their interest in baseball.  The Regina Red Sox Team has offered us a class set of tickets to attend the Sunday, June 5th game.  Each student in our room will receive a free ticket. Additional parent or sibling tickets can be purchased for $10.00 each.   I will send home a separate newsletter regarding this on Tuesday.

We also have the opportunity to meet Nolan Bracken who is the Sask Baseball Grass Roots Coordinator.  He is a former Team Sask Member and also played college baseball.    He will be coming out on the afternoon of  Tuesday, May 24th to speak to our class.

The students who have chosen to research baseball for Genius Hour have been invited to Martin Academy (Adam, Garrett, Torin, Alec, Ethan, Carl and Ahmed) to one of their baseball batting practice sessions at Optimist Park. It will be the same batting practice that they see the professional players do on TV.  There will be a big on field cage they step in to, hitting mats, safety screens.  I will need at least one parent volunteer who is able to fill out the driver form to help transport students to this.  A permission slip and more info. will be sent home as soon as the date for this is determined.  If they have equipment (glove, helmet, bat) the coach has asked them to bring it.

Our classroom was full of science today!!!  We enjoyed taking part in a Hula Hoop presentation from Solstice Hoop Play.  The instructor taught students how to Hula Hoop and tied this to our Forces and Motions unit in science.  It was a blast.  I will try to post some pictures soon.

We are exploring the Life Cycle of the Butterfly.  The butterfly larva has arrived! This morning we spent some time making the food and putting the larva into plastic containers so that we can watch the life cycle of the butterfly.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Jorie Gilroy

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