Monday, 23 May 2016

May Highlights

Our study of the butterfly life cycle began this past week.  The larva arrived on Wednesday, so we spent part of Thursday mixing food for the caterpillars to eat. Students also prepared containers for them to live in. 

As students observe this terrific transformation they will learn about the process of metamorphosis, from egg to air!

We will be learning about the Painted Lady Butterfly.

Our classroom was full of science last week. We also enjoyed taking part in a Hula Hoop presentation from Solstice Hoop Play.  The instructor taught students how to Hula Hoop and tied his teaching to the Forces and Motions unit in science.  This was a blast!

Students have also been working very hard this past week on Genius Hour projects!

Here are a few pics from our baseball game!

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  1. Thank you for all the blog updates and pictures throughout the year! You can tell that the kids are having a blast and learning a lot
    -Janine Farrow