Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Forgiveness Garden

Yesterday we had a special visitor come to our classroom.  She is a third year education student at the U of R who shared a book with our class called, "The Forgiveness Garden."  I really enjoyed this story. It led to some fantastic discussions and sparked the beginning of a new project for our class!

This book showed us that there are many possible paths to peace, but learning forgiveness is essential to all of them.  It also demonstrated just how difficult it can be to create peace but if both people are willing, reconciliation and forgiveness is possible. 

Today we discussed making our own "Forgiveness Garden" and what this would look like.  The students were excited. I couldn't write their ideas down fast enough. Unfortunately I only took a picture of the first page today, but there were several pages and so many excellent ideas. More pictures will be posted as our project develops, so that you can follow along!

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