Friday, 25 March 2016

Guess Who We Heard Back From?

This past week was an exciting one in our classroom! On Tuesday I found these two envelopes in my mailbox.  We had fun guessing who they were from. 

We opened the envelopes together to find that the Grade 3 students from La Loche had written our class back!  

As the students read their letters, I could tell from their expressions that they were reading something pretty interesting. I invited the students to come up to the Reader's Chair one at a time to share their letter with the class. This was an unbelievable experience to be part of. 

The students in La Loche shared their hobbies, culture, traditions, language and daily life experiences. Their way of life is very different from ours and their stories were nothing short of INCREDIBLE! I couldn't have taught my students what these letters taught them about life in La Loche or First Nations culture with a book or a video. For that matter, no resource out there could come close to getting our class as excited about learning as they were!

After we finished reading the letters, my students couldn't wait to write their Pen Pals back!  I handed out paper and for the next forty minutes you could have heard a pin drop in our room! ...ALL OF MY STUDENTS were engaged in this process! The opportunity to express themselves and purposefully connect with someone that has such a diverse background excited and motivated them.  Even students who are at times reluctant writers were hard at work, carefully crafting their stories. Some students wrote more in this letter than I have seen them write all year!

It was quite a day! I felt incredibly fortunate to be able to go to work and be part of something so rewarding!

La Loche Students and Teachers!

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