Friday, 13 November 2015

Genius Hour Project Information

Genius Hours Presentations

You may have heard your child talk about their Genius Hour project at home lately as some individuals and or groups have finished and many students are in the final stages of this project.  

Genius Hour is based on a concept by Google.  It is where students spend an hour a week exploring their own passions by investigating new ideas or topics.  It is a great opportunity for students to learn about things that interest them. 

The goal of Genius Hour is for students to learn how to find answers to questions that they have. They will have an opportunity to "research" three different topics this year.  Once students receive approval from the teacher on their idea, they will explore information using the internet, books, library resources, interviews etc.  

After students find answers to their questions they then share their findings with our class in the form of a brief presentation. The presentations can be done in the form of sharing a poster, Power Point, video, skit/play, or any other approved presentation.

Students Need To:
1.  Get the project approved by the teacher.
2. Research their project.
3. Present and share what they have learned

Ways to Share:
·      Poster Display
·      Model
·      Video
·      Media presentation of any kind (PowerPoint, Prezi, ActivInspire, Emaze, etc.)
·      Written Report
·      Puppet Show
·      Charts, Graphs, etc.
·      Other ways to share that are approved by the teacher

Topic Ideas
All topics need to be in a form of a question.  The question should not be too broad. 

When is this project due:
Some students work very quickly and other students work slowly.  Having said that some students have been finished for a couple weeks and have just been waiting to present their findings.  Others are still working on their research and need more time. For this reason the due date is from Nov. 1- Nov. 30th with the goal of everyone being finished by the end of November.  When an individual or group is ready to present they let me know and sign up for a date in November. I  then accommodate this in our day plan.  

I would like students to be finished their first Genius Hour project by November 30th.  

When will we present to parents?

We have decided as a class to hold a “Genius Hour Fair” presentation for parents on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 from 12:45-2:00.  We will invite all parents in to tour all of the projects and ask the students questions. 

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