Sunday, 16 December 2018

One of the Many Ways United Way Regina Supports Students

This past month students in Mrs. Wesley’s Grade 1 & 2 classroom at Albert Community School received a new Classroom Library. Over 500 new, culturally relevant, age-appropriate books were donated along with a cozy new reading space. This Classroom Library was made possible by United Way Regina, Access Children’s Fund and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.

Classroom Libraries are part of United Way Regina’s wrap around literacy support. With the addition of these new resources, students have more choice than ever before. It is not surprising to hear that visiting the new classroom library has become a preferred activity in this classroom.  In addition to the new books, bright pillows, colourful cushions, book shelves, benches and a book nook was also gifted to create a cozy new reading space.

This incredible gift is very much appreciated and will continue to keep on giving year after year. Albert staff and students wish to extend our gratitude to the organizations mentioned above, as well as to everyone within our school division who contributes to the United Way.  Your donation has made a difference in helping students become all that they can be!

By Jorie Gilroy, Vice-Principal, Albert Community School

A Special Gift - Operation Warmup

This past month students and staff at Albert School experienced the true spirit of giving, thanks to the generosity of locally owned Kodiak Property Management Company.  Members of this company, along with supporting sponsors from Ross Machine, Valhalla Construction, Wheatland Roofing, Armour Steel Fabricators, Great Canadian Oil Change, Bassendowski Agnecies, GR Flooring, Gilchuck Design & Drafting, Aquarius Plumbing and Heating, and Everflow Eves and Exteriors, showed up in a big way to spread some holiday cheer this season.  Operation Warmup 2.0, as they called it, included an Albert hoodie and toque for each student, along with a pizza lunch and trip to the Galaxy Cinema to see The Grinch.  To add to the excitement of the day, Santa and his elf also made a surprise appearance!  A video of this special day was made and can be seen here:  The students and staff at Albert Community School are grateful for this incredible act of generosity!

Monday, 10 December 2018

December News

The festive season is approaching and we have many great events planned! Our students and staff have been invited to a Christmas Dinner at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel on Tuesday, December 11th.  We look forward to a wonderful lunch!

We invite all Albert families to join us for our annual Albert Christmas Extravaganza on Thursday, December 13th from 3:45 -5:05. Our theme this year is The Polar Express.  We hope Albert families will take in this entertaining evening and enjoy many different Christmas activities.  There will be cookie decorating, family photos, games, crafts, and Christmas Bingo for you to enjoy with your family. 

Our Pre K- Gr. 2 Christmas Concert will take place on Friday, December 14th at 2:00.  Pre-K and AM Kindergarten students are asked to return for this performance. Please have your child at school and in their classroom by 1:45. 

Our annual Santa Store will be running Dec. 18th and 19th.  Students will be provided an opportunity to pick out gifts for each member of their family.  
 **New this year** Parents can also shop from 2:30- 4:00 on Dec. 19th.

Winter break is from December 22 to January 6. Just a reminder that there will be an early dismissal on December 21 at 2:30.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Role Models Help Ignite Students' Love of Learning at Albert

This past month at Albert Community School we have had a number of positive role models in our building.  They have come to inspire learning and share their perspective on how education has impacted their life.  We were grateful to have a diverse group of people from different backgrounds.  Our youngest guest speaker was Dawson Morin, a Grade 9 student from Martin Collegiate, who spoke about his high school experience, his involvement in sports and his plans for the future.  We were also joined by members of the Pats hockey team, who visited all of our classrooms and talked about perseverance, facing challenges and the dedication it takes to reach your goals.  Guest appearances from First Nation Sensation, Wavell Starr and Children’s Advocate, Corey O’Soup carried important messages about staying in school and valuing your education. We were grateful to have Greg Enion speak about the importance of attending school consistently and Mike Walter share his passion for science with our senior students.  Aboriginal Advocates, Ceane Dusyk and Russell Paskimen shared powerful personal narratives of their learning journey, as did Albert parent, Yvonne Fourhorns.  We offer our gratitude to Elder Dixon, who is a significant role model in our building, as well our own Aboriginal Advocate, Natalie Agecoutay, who both encourage students to maximize their potential and continually share their knowledge and expertise.

Another highlight this past month was a focus on literacy. Families were invited to enjoy a book and bagel with their child.  We also had several guest readers join us, including Lois Herridge,  Rick Steciuk, Terri Baldwin and Constable Richard Claude, who all read a few of their favourite stories! Award winning children’s author Judith Silverthorn also joined us and read her book, Honouring the Buffalo. The message of “stay focused, be determined, and believe in yourself,” was loud and clear from guest speaker, Brad Provick, Western Canadian Strongman.

We can’t underestimate the importance of helping our students realize their potential, achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations. We are grateful that we don’t have to do this alone and wish to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to all of these role models, who took time out of their schedule to inspire and ignite a love of learning!''

Jorie Gilroy, Vice-Principal, Albert Community School 

Friday, 12 October 2018


Education Week at Albert Community School  
Theme: A World of Learning for Every Student
Mon., Oct. 15
Day 3
Tues., Oct. 16
Day 4
Wed., Oct. 17
Day 5
Thurs., Oct. 18
Day 1
Fri., Oct. 19
Day 2





Jeff Cappo   
Aboriginal Advocate
Gr. 4/5

Regina Pats
Guest Readers
Pre K – 
Gr. 8

Join us…..
Albert Families
Book & Bagel
Family Engagement
Pre-K – Gr. 3/4

Yvonne Fourhorns
Gr.3/4 & 4/5

You Matter!!



Brad Provick
Western Canadian Strongman Competition Winner
Gr. 1-3

Mike Tomchuck
Scott Collegiate
Visiting: Gr. 7/8
Wavell Starr
First Nation Sensation
Guest Speaker
Assembly for
Gr. 1 - 8

Your dreams
can come true, if you have the
courage to pursue them.

Rick Steciuk

Gr. 2/3

Lois Herridge
Visiting: Gr. 1/2



Russell Paskimen
Aboriginal Advocate from
Sheldon Williams Collegiate
Gr. 6/7


Greg Enion 
Director of Education
Gr. 5/6

Ceane Dusyk
Aboriginal Advocate from
Scott Collegiate
Gr. 3/4

Dawson Morin
Guest Speaker
Gr. 9 Student
Visiting Gr. 1/2

Elder Dixon
Various Classrooms &

CST Claude
Regina Police Officer
Visiting: Kindergarten

Corey O’Soup
Guest Speaker
Advocate for Children and Youth
Assembly for
Gr. 4-8

Mike Walter
Deputy Director of Education
Gr. 7/8

Judith Silverthorn
Award Winning Children’s Author
Author Visit:
Gr. 4 -7

Friday, 7 September 2018

Ready to Begin A New School Year

My journey this past year at Albert, my first year as a VP there, has been the most fulfilling one of my career.  Getting back to work for some isn’t always easy, but I couldn’t be more grateful to be returning to Albert Community School. 

Our little school located in North Central Regina, in the highest area of crime in the city with extremely high poverty rates, is truly a special place.  Every day I go into a building that shines, no matter where you look. Whether it’s the gleaming floors and walls that the school custodians so carefully took hours getting ready, or the beautiful smile that radiates from our office secretary’s face, or the teachers and support staff who are working so hard to get their classrooms ready for our students, This school is filled with amazing people. There is a feeling that permeates our building. It is a sense of warmth, caring, and dedication. It is the people who make the difference here.  It is the people here who will change lives this year. Their desire to do the best they can for the students and families they serve is nothing short of incredible.  

This past week we had a number of in-services that we hoped would be helpful to our staff this coming year.  I was really grateful for Carol Christie-Beach’s presentation on Wellness and Child Protection.  She thoughtfully crafted an insightful presentation that would be useful for any staff in our division.  I usually hope for one takeaway.  I felt like everything she had to say was meaningful and relevant! 

We have made it our goal to focus on numeracy this year.  We reached out to our division's Student Achievement Numeracy Coordinator Shayne McMillen last spring to speak to our staff this fall and he didn’t disappoint!  He engaged us with a practical presentation, and introduced our staff to the latest resources and apps.

We were fortunate to have two of our own staff share their knowledge and passion this week. Megan Saunders our SLP presented a workshop on how poverty affects oral language and literacy development. Our Grade 5/6 teacher, Payden Fraser, gave a top shelf presentation on Google Classroom. Going paperless looks like it could have many advantages! It was an informative week for sure, with lots of learning and laughs. 

When I walked through the halls visiting teachers on Friday afternoon after returning from our staff lunch, it was encouraging to see how excited staff was for their students to arrive on Monday, It feels like our Albert family is ready for another school year.  

I couldn’t end this post without saying how fortunate I feel to be working alongside our leader, Blair. This would quickly become a novel if I were to list all of the things I am thankful for about him.  His patience and willingness to share his knowledge, insight, and experience with me, day in and day out is invaluable.  He always does this with a smile.  When times are tough he stays calm and collected.  He has an excellent sense of humor which is something I am extremely grateful for… and so another year begins!  I feel very blessed to have been placed at this school.

Jorie Gilroy

Friday, 18 May 2018

Albert School’s New Classroom Library!

For years research has shown the benefits of surrounding children with a collection of books that captures their attention, and captivates their imaginations. It is not surprising to note, that the more contact children have with books, the better readers they become. Classroom libraries are a vital ingredient in improving reading performance and serve a critical role in literacy development.

This past month the students in Ms. Niskala’s Grade 1 & 2 classroom, at Albert Community School, received a Classroom Library!  It houses over 400 new, culturally relevant, age-appropriate books, thanks to a generous donation from Wheaton Kia and United Way.     

Classroom Libraries are part of United Way Regina’s four pillar approach, which focuses on all children reaching Grade Level Reading proficiency by Grade 3. One of the ways that the United Way strives to achieve this, is by increasing the access students have to the books and resources they need to succeed.  

In addition to providing books, United Way and Wheaton Kia recognize the important role that the physical space plays in fostering a love of literacy. Bright pillows, colourful cushions, book shelves, benches and a book nook were also purchased to create more than just a storage space for these books, instead an inviting setting, where children feel compelled to stay and engage in reading.  

A great deal of time and thought was put in by Ms. Niskala, to design an impactful learning environment that encourages exploration and promotes literacy. With the addition of these new resources, students have more choice than ever before.  The new area inspires conversation, interaction, independence and inquiry. It is not surprising to hear that visiting the new classroom library has become a favoured activity in this room. The students LOVE their new books and their new space!

We are immensely thankful to United Way Regina and Wheaton Kia for this new Classroom Library.  It will play a key role in engaging readers and encouraging students to reach their full potential!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Focusing on Love and Respect at Albert School

This fall Albert staff set out to create a climate of belonging, where children feel safe, respected and valued.  As a staff we wanted to craft an environment that emphasizes high expectations for all, with rules that are predictable, consistent and fair. We embraced The Seven Sacred Teachings as our overarching focus. These are teachings that are based on First Nations cultural tradition that draw attention to human conduct towards others. Each of the teachings honours one of the basic virtues that is fundamental to living a full and healthy life: love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth. Our aim is to help students attain these characteristics and flourish in school and in life.

Mr. Stevenson, our Grade 4/5 teacher, suggested we begin with the virtue of love.  He reminded us that everything evolves out of love. He expressed that if one cannot love oneself, it is impossible to love anyone else. His students taught our entire student body what it means to show love. Each student came up before the school and stated what love means to them. They explained that the eagle is the animal representation of love. His class created beautiful eagles to put up around our school to remind us that only the eagle has the ability to fly higher than any other animal and the strength to carry all of the other teachings.

Elder Dixon also played a huge role in helping our students learn about this virtue.  She shared the importance to loving yourself first and said that you have to be right with yourself and happy on your own, before you can love anyone else.  She helped students understand that in order to have lasting connections with people, you have to build trust, live with integrity, show compassion and forgiveness. This is the essence of love.

It would be impossible to create a positive learning environment without respect.  The Grade 5/6 class, led by Mr. Fraser and Mr. Burzminski taught our student body that respect is reflected in how you treat each other on a daily basis. They created a video to show the school the meaning of respect  It emphasized that respect means acting in a way that shows you care. It is not about doing things to hurt someone because you don’t feel happy. It is about valuing others and treating others how you would want to be treated.  Special thanks to Mrs. Agecoutay-Sweet, who also shared a powerful message about respect with our students.

Since we have been focusing on The Seven Sacred Teachings we have seen a lot of progress. It takes a great deal of time, effort and commitment to create and maintain a positive school culture, but nothing could be more rewarding than learning from one another and growing stronger together!  

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Engagement at Albert Community School

I came to Albert Community School in North Central Regina three months ago with a heart that was extremely grateful and a desire to make a difference. I am a brand new Vice Principal so I found the first three months to be a pretty steep learning curve.  However, with each day that passes,  I am feeling more comfortable and am very happy here.

Empowering children to live with perseverance and to see what is possible is what I aspire to do as an educator and an administrator.

I am happiest when I am working on something that I feel will have a valuable impact. Currently I have begun working on two projects at Albert.  The first is to engage students in reading and writing - and by this I mean deeply engage them.  This project is called "Albert Authors" and has just started to take off.  I am encouraged by the excitement and momentum that is evolving around literacy in our building.  I hope to document this on my blog. 

The second project involves increasing attendance and raising awareness about the importance of attendance.  In January, I will be working on a video with students who are reluctant attenders. The hope here is to engage students who are not engaging.  I'm excited to see where this goes!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Students Wanting to Inspire Other Students to Become Lifelong Readers

200 Book Project

Our 200 Book Project is taking off!! Thank you to everyone who has donated books to this project.  We have collected 117 books in just four days!  They are all in such good shape and many of them look brand new.  It was very moving to watch the students SO excited to share their books!

Our class will write another letter to our Pen pals in Garden Hill, MB next week.  They have no idea this is coming, but we are going to be able to send them a BEAUTIFUL CLASSROOM LIBRARY!!!  Thank you parents for supporting your children's efforts.

Here are a few pictures of the project so far.